MAX+2 Credo — Abolish the White 100% Cotton T-shirt!

Every high performance athlete and serious fitness enthusiast knows that you can’t improve your performance by just training to your maximum. Training to your maximum is called “maintenance.” In order to improve your performance—stronger, faster, higher, longer, more PBs, etc.—you need to push yourself beyond your maximum.

So when your personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach ends a long session by saying “Give me all you got, and then give me some more—do as many as you can, plus two more” you’re living MAX+2.

MAX+2 is an ethos, a lifestyle, a mantra. Born in the gym community, MAX+2 is an attitude that transcends into the everyday life of its advocates.

MAX+2’s mission is to provide stylish, performance athletic wear to individuals who embrace the MAX+2 ethos—push it; go for it; extend your limits.

Company History

In the spring of 2009, MAX+2 President, John Yip-Chuck was warming down on a treadmill at his local gym. Looking around him, he noticed how most of the guys were still wearing 100% cotton t-shirts, weighted down with sweat. Not only did they look uncomfortable, they looked like they were wearing what they wore to bed the night before. Some of the women in the gym were a bit better equipped in their cute yoga wear, but even those garments weren’t the best options for doing reps.

Two thoughts came to John’s mind: first, there are some decent, albeit not that stylish, technical apparel out there, so why aren’t these guys wearing it; and second, how did women’s yoga wear become so ubiquitous in recent years? Surely athletes and gym rats like John could be better served. After some investigation, John discovered that the women’s yoga wear companies were talking and listening to their clients in a way that the old-guard goliath sportswear companies were not. John was determined to spread the message about proper workout attire to real athletes and fitness enthusiasts in a way that the traditional sports behemoths weren’t capable of, nor willing to do. And MAX+2 was born.

MAX+2 is a designer and retailer of technical athletic apparel operating in North America. Our gym-inspired apparel is marketed under the MAX+2 brand name. Customers associate our brand with stylish, technical apparel products. Our products are designed to offer performance, fit, style, quality, and comfort. We offer the serious competitive male and female athlete as well as the recreational athlete, a comprehensive line of apparel and accessories including t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, tights, warm-up suits, pants, and jackets, designed for athletic pursuits such as weight training, running, cross-training, and general fitness.

MAX+2 promotes a set of core values in our business, which include:

  • listening to our customers;
  • running our business with integrity;
  • developing high-quality, socially responsible products that are ecologically friendly and fair-trade compliant;
  • leading a healthy lifestyle that balances work with family, good nutrition, and active lifestyles.